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Re: [latexfmxdef-discuss] CTAN Upload: graphics-def

Hi David,

thanks for the upload of this new bundle:

On Sunday 03 July 2016 at 16:40:50 +0200  CTAN Portal Service (no-reply@xxxxxxxx) wrote:

> Upload information:
> Package:        graphics-def
> Summary:        Colour and graphics option files
> Version:        2016-07-02
> Author:         Latex3 Project
> Author's email: latex-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Location:       /macros/latex/contrib/graphics-def/
> License:        lppl
> Upload type:    new
> Announcement text:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>  graphics-def is a combined distribution consisting of
>  pdftex.def, luatex.def, xetex.def, dvipdfmx.def and dvisvgm.def
>  driver option files for the latex graphics and color packages.
>  It is hoped that by combining their source repositories at
>  it will be easier to coordinate updates.
>  This release adds support for the (no)setpagesize options
>  to xetex.def and dvipdfmx.def to match dvips/luatex/pdftex,
>  and re-enables the guards for pst-pdf and psricks packages
>  in pdftex.def and luatex.def. 
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This package is located at
> More information should soon appear at
> Notes to CTAN maintainers:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi sorry about another re-organisation but this replaces

 These URLs will continue to exist, but they now 
 all refer to
 (at least they _will_ do this after the next round of updates
  of our website.)
>  as in Karl's message to the ctan list.
>  If possible could you send the update confirmation to
>  latex-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,ho-tex@xxxxxxx,latexfmxdef-discuss@xxxxxxxxxx
>  being the previous support lists.
   Done, see "CC" above.
>  If your systems make that inconvenient to post to multiple
>  address don't worry: just use latex-team as above and I'll
>  forward to the others.
   No worries, our "system" is not as rudimentary as _that_  ;-)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

 The new package has been installed on our central server and
 will be announced about 24 hours later, when the mirrors have
 had enough time to pick up the new files.

       Kind regards
    Petra RĂ¼be-Pugliese
     for the CTAN team

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