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Re: [Bug-mailfromd] Testsuite problems on Debian s390x and two small patches

Hi Roland,

> Some yars ago I told you, that I'm working on packaging mailfromd for
> Debian, now it's done and a first version of mailfromd 8.10 is
> available in the unstable archive of Debian.

Great.  Thanks for your work!

> Doing so, I found a typo ("unknow" instead of "unknown") in
> src/savsrv.c, a patch is attached (01_unknow_typo.patch)
> Today I run into a second typo: In src/builtin/geoip2.c you use
> WRDSF_DELIM instead of MU_WRDSF_DELIM.  A patch

I've applied these two.

> I attached testsuite.log and testsuite.dir from the s390x host as
> s390x-testsuite.tar.gz, maybe you are interested in what goes wrong on
> this architecture.

Sure, I am.  I'll take a look at the logs.  It could be solved much
quicker if I had access to a s390x machine.  Is that possible?