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Re: [Bug-mailfromd] Testsuite problems on Debian s390x and two small patches

Hi Sergey!

On So, 23 Mai 2021, Sergey Poznyakoff wrote:

> > I attached testsuite.log and testsuite.dir from the s390x host as
> > s390x-testsuite.tar.gz, maybe you are interested in what goes
> > wrong on this architecture.
> Sure, I am. I'll take a look at the logs. It could be solved much
> quicker if I had access to a s390x machine. Is that possible?

I use the Debian developer server for this but I'm not allowed to
share access to this one with others :-(
is an option to get a free account on a s390x machine, I just signed
up for a free 120 day access to a virtual server, but the signup form
told me, that it will take one business day before I can use it.
I'll tell you when I get access and will check whether it's possible
to reproduce the problems there (they run RedHat and SuSE but on
Debian on their server, but maybe the problem is the same) an whether
it's possible to install all necessary build dependencies...

I'll come back to you when I know more about this.